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Thermoplastic Elastomer

Olefin (base) Thermoplastic Elastomer

Themorun is a high performance TPE composed of a dispersed olefinic rubber (EPR, EPDM) as the domain and olefinic thermoplastic (PP, PE) as the matrix.

Electric Microscope picture of Thermorun (Cured Type)
Matrix: Olefin (Olefinic) Thermoplastic
Domain: Olefin (Olefinic) Rubber

Features of Thermorun

Thermorun has excellent physical properties.
  • Low density allows lightweight products.
  • Able to provide wide range of hardness (Durometer Hardness 55A60D)
  • High volume resistivity for excellent insulative properties
Thermorun has excellent rubber elasticity.
  • Providing excellent seal properties
  • Excellent recovery properties
Thermorun has excellent durability.
  • Good resistance to heat aging, water, weather and ozone.
  • Good resistance to chemicals
Thermorun has excellent moldability performance.
  • Thermorun applies to injection, extrusion and blow molding and can be used in normal molding equipment for thermoplastic.
  • Thermorun can be used in double layer molding or co-extrusion molding.
  • Can be easily colored by dry color or color masterbatch
  • Materials can be easily recycled into itself


Automotive Components
Bumper, Airbag cover, Interior parts, Glass run channel, Trim work, Hoses, Exterior trim, etc.
Roofing sheet, Cabling, Environmental liners, Hoses, Hand grip, Gaskets, etc.
Electric / Home electric
Cabling, Hoses, Connectors, etc.

Grade Line-up

Thermorun Mid-high Hardness Series Low Hardness Series
Non Cured ( blend) Type Cured Type
  • High impact strength at low temperature
  • Can provide low *CLTE without filler
    *CLTE: Co Efficient of Liner Thermal Expansion
  • Like rubber
  • High mechanical strength
  • High oil resistance
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